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I have always had a passion for animals, I grew up with dogs, horses, cats, rabbits, lizards, birds and fish. If my parents would have let me, I would have had an entire zoo full of animals.

After high school, I started working at a small farm as a barn manager. Even though I loved taking care of horses and other animals, my artistic vision would not subside. I began taking pictures of the horses with a little point and shoot camera. I graduated to using my mom's old 35mm Pentax. Eventually, I realized that photography was the direction I wanted to pursue.

I came home with an Associates Degree in Photography from Randolph Community College. I have been shooting with top of the line Canon equipment for the past 7 years, and still dabble in medium and small format film.

Shortly after college, I rescued my second black lab mix which we named Pony Boy. He has constantly been at my side, and we have been through a lot together.

I want everyone who is a pet owner, to have beautiful pictures of their constant companion. They should be remembered as they are, unconditional lovers and furry friends.
I want to hear your story, and how you found each other.

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